Vim or Emacs…. decisions decisions….

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This will be a part of a series where I’ll be trying the devil’s question. Vim, or Emacs. I do understand that for taking a real big advantage from any of both, you should be a long-term user, as it implies a lot of configuration and it takes a lot of personal taste.

Nevertheless, let the journey begin…

I’m currently using a Macbook Air with Yosemite in it.

Emacs… let’s do it.

  • Installation <br /> brew install emacs --HEAD --use-git-head --with-cocoa --srgb<br /> </p> If you didn’t link emacs app to your applications folder, I’d suggest you to do so.

    <br /> brew linkapps emacs<br /> </li>

    • Once you start emacs, you can close it by pressing: <br /> C-x C-c<br /> Please note that C means Control
    • Keyboard basics
      Key combination Action
      C-p Up one line
      C-n Down one line
      C-f Forward one character
      C-b Backward one character
      C-a Beginning of line
      C-e End of line
      C-v Down one page
      M-v Up one page
      M-f Forward one word
      M-b Backward one word
      M-< Beginning of buffer
      M-> End of buffer
      C-g Quit current operation
    • Basic functions and their shortcuts
      Key combination Function Description
      C-x C-s save-buffer Save the current buffer to disk
      C-x u undo Undo the last operation
      C-x C-f find-file Open a file from disk
      C-s isearch-forward Search forward for a string
      C-r isearch-backward Search backward for a string
      replace-string Search & replace for a string
      replace-regexp Search & replace using regexp
      C-h t help-with-tutorial Use the interactive tutorial
      C-h f describe-function Display help for a function
      C-h v describe-variable Display help for a variable
      C-h x describe-key Display what a key sequence does
      C-h a apropos Search help for string/regexp
      C-h F view-emacs-FAQ Display the Emacs FAQ
      C-h i info Read the Emacs documentation
      C-x r m bookmark-set Set a bookmark. Useful in searches
      C-x r b bookmark-jump Jump to a bookmark.


    To be continued…..